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Xhorse Condor-XC009 Launch in Apr, 2018 Orlando, USA

diycar | 21 May, 2018 01:07

Xhorse Condor XC-009 Launch in Apr, 2018 Orlando, USA.

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Xhorse Condor XC-009 Key cutting machine is designed to cut single-sided keys and double-sided keys.

Photos first.


Xhorse Condor-XC009 looks decent and compact:

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Xhorse Condor-XC009 will be released in the middle of May, 2018 on

Please feel free to contact email at: or chat via Skype:

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V4.0.4 Original Xhorse IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine Update Online

Latest price:US$


Buy It Now:US$2,900.00


original: Xhorse Condor-XC009 Launch in Apr, 2018 Orlando, USA

How to Upgrade Condor XC-MINI Built-in Power Supply?

diycar | 21 May, 2018 01:03

xhorse condor xc mini is without built-in battery, and now Xhorse releases Power Supply Adapter with Battery Works For Condor XC-MINI, you can update your Condor MINI to built-in power supply one.Here is the detailed steps update condor mini built-in power supply. Firstly please confirm you have Xhorse Power Supply Adapter (With Battery) Kit,you can purchase from condor mini battery No need to connect Car Inverter, battery as power supply, easy to carry. Support household electricity and cigarette lighter to recharge or use as power supply. Support recharging and working at same time, with high-capacity up to 76.5Wh, cutting more than 40 key blanks. Maximum working voltage no more than 30V, built-in muti-safty protection, to avoid short in circuit problems. How to Upgrade Condor XC-MINI Built-in Power Supply? 1.Remove the screws. condor xc-mini 2.Remove the shell. condor mini built-in power supply 3.Rotate the little round screw to the innermost. condor mini built-in power supply 4.Then we need to remove the clip.Pull it out. mini condor power supply 5.Rotate the screws on both sides,remove out the clip. condor mini 6.Use insulating tape to connect two cables together. condor mini alt 7.Lay down condor mini machine.Remove the screw. condor xc-mini 8.Take out the board.Unplug the clip. alt Rotate two screws to remove the PCB. alt alt 9.Here two separate yellow color cable,number 7 and 6. condor xc-mini 10.Number 6 cable connects 12 on clip. Cable 7 connects with 11.Lock the screws. condor mini 11.Put back clip to original place. alt alt 12.Next step: remove the power adapter on Condor MINI alt 13.Put the new power adapter.You can find new power adapter in Power Supply Adapter with Battery Kit. Put back screws and lock it. CONDOR XC-MINI 14.Put two yellow cables together with new power  adapter cables under the clip through the hole. CONDOR XC-MINI 15.Connect Power Adapter battery PCB. It lists out number from 1 to 9,and 24V. CONDOR XC-MINI power supply 16.Connect cables to the numbers, VCC and GND. Please note the numbers must be matched. Connect cables,as well as VCC and GND. CONDOR XC-MINI CONDOR XC-MINI power adapter 17.Put back PCB to condor mini.And two shells,lock the screws. Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI CONDOR XC-MINI CONDOR XC-MINI 18.Now,we power on to start for test.It shows charge capacity. condor key cutting machine 19.Use old charge cable with new charge adapter,connect with power supply,it can charge power. We can also use Car cigarette lighter cable to charge. CONDOR XC-MINI CONDOR XC-MINI 20.Upgrade to the built-in power supply successfully. 21.You can also check our operate video. [embed][/embed]



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