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VVDI Prog Read Geely Emegrand 7 2013 AT93C56 Successfully

diycar | 01 August, 2018 00:03

VVDI Prog is with multi-language,and it can support US/UK/Russia local shipping way,arrive faster,no tax.For VVDI Prog support list,please list out the chip type,or download vvdi prog software to check type and brand.Here is Geely Emegrand 7 2013 all key lost,and VVDI prog read Geely Emegrand 7 2013 data,use other professional key programmer add new key.

1.Please check EERPOM chip type.

alt alt

2.Remove the immo chip and connect vvdi prog with computer,start vvdi prog software,choose the detailed type.

vvdi prog

3.Check connection diagram,connect like diagram.

vvdi prog

4.Click read.



5.Reading successfully,save data.








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