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How to use Lexia 3?for Citroen C5 key fobs?programming?

Programming tool:  Lexia 3 cable with sw Lexia Car: Citroen C5 H ow to program key fobs using Lexia 3 : You will need to get your confidential code for the car from Citroen if you don’t have the card with the code on it. lexia will ask for this...

Download Diagbox software v8.26 v8.19 v8.18 v7.83 v7.76 v7.74 v7.66 v7.58 v7.57

Lexia 3  Diagbox software download here! Diagbox update from v8.20 to v8.26, v7.82 to v7.83 (8.19), 7.76 to 7.82 (8.18), 7.66 to 7.74, 7.74 to 7.76, 7.62 to 7.66, 7.58 to 7.62, 7.57 to 7.58, 7.01 to 7.57. Enjoy!   WARNING:DESACTIVATE  FIREWALL...
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